Events Calendar 2024

MAY 25th AT 12:30 pm

"Maggiaioli" Lunch

In the park of ancient chestnut trees overlooking the Bishop’s Vineyard, the ancient Medieval tradition of the “Maggiaioli” is revived.

A lunch of Tuscan peasant tradition accompanied by folk songs that today, as then, are auspicious for a good harvest of the fruits of the earth.

JUNE 21st AT 6:00 pm

Wine and Gastronomic Journey

Meet the selected wine producers.

In the Villa’s garden, taste their excellences, and under the great oak next to the Bishop’s Vineyard, experience a convivial atmosphere. A dinner where food and wine pair perfectly.

JULY 20th AT 7:00 pm

Sunset BBQ

In the Chestnut Park, an evening of dancing where BBQ, Brunello, and live music take center stage.

Start by enjoying the sunset and end by dancing in the cool of the night!

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AUGUST 10th, 7:00 PM

San Lorenzo

Along the Cypress Avenue surrounded by vineyards and illuminated by lanterns, an elegant Picnic on Persian carpets.

Accompanied by the saxophone music, sipping Brunello while tasting delicious foods, relax on precious Persian carpets awaiting shooting stars in the night of San Lorenzo.

Siamo lieti di annunciare che Villa le Prata - Residenza del Vescovo è stata insignita della Chiave Michelin.

Così come le Stelle MICHELIN contraddistinguono i migliori ristoranti del mondo, le Chiavi MICHELIN indicano gli hotel selezionati dalla Guida che offrono le esperienze alberghiere più notevoli.