Villa Le Prata was established in 1860, coinciding with the onset of the Italian Unification.

Garibaldi led the Thousand and Count de' Vecchi inaugurated the Villa, turning it into his own hunting lodge. It later became the Country House of the Bishop of Montalcino until the early 1900s. In 1980, Massimo Losappio, chief surgeon at the Montalcino hospital, and his wife Marialuce, a philosophy teacher, purchased it to make it their family residence.

Here, driven by love for this land and the desire to produce their own wine, Massimo planted the first vineyard in 1987, now known as Vigna Le Prata. Initially, Massimo and Marialuce aged their Brunello in the cellar next to the kitchen, which they cherished sharing with numerous guests and friends.

Welcoming friends and family with good wine has always been a familiar ritual in Montalcino.

From then on, the estate was managed first by Marialuce and Anna Vittoria, and subsequently from 1996, by Massimo and Marialuce's daughter, Benedetta Losappio, until 2014 when it was acquired by Anna Vittoria and Bernardo. Anna Vittoria has been personally overseeing the estate in recent years, alongside her sons Edoardo and Niccolò.

The first cellar was built in the late 1980s by a craftsman from Ischia, who wished to gift it as a token of gratitude to Professor Losappio. The Professor had saved his life through treatment, and in return, he saved the craftsman's life.

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